working with an artist to choose colors, echo the impressions of your favorite music, express an artistic style or depict an image that you love.


At Rubato Fashion

each handcrafted garment evolves from an inspired design to become more than a decorative garment. It reflects the spirit of the wearer and becomes a beloved part of her wardrobe.

Classy and Fabulous

Whether you are at a special event, looking good at work, or are ready for a casual day with friends, this is clothing that gives you confidence and comfort in your busy life.

Gift Cards Available

The perfect gift for that someone special – a custom-made, hand-painted garment.


At Rubato Fashion, our Product Designer begins the process by cutting out your order with your selected style, size and fabric choice.


Our Art Director begins to paint the completed custom garment per your direction or takes her own artistic journey creating something original just for you.

Final Process

Attention has been taken with your garment to prepare a quality piece that will be easy to wear and maintain. The quality paints and application process will ensure long-lasting colors and durability. The final process includes a quality check, labeling and careful packaging for shipping or delivery.

It is our hope that you wear your custom-made fashion with confidence. These are easy to wear pieces that can take you from work to play and beyond.

Lee Bauman

Lee Bauman, Art Director

The Artist

I try to express the personality of the customer, who orders the garment. In an effort to make something that reflects their life’s passions, I enjoy listening to music, reading a passage of inspiration or immersing my thoughts in photos that the customer has sent via email.

Sketching and painting with their music playing or spending time in thoughtful meditation helps me connect with the purchaser to bring out qualities that will personalize their particular garment. For more about Lee visit

Product Designer

My grandmother was a designer and seamstress for Marshall Fields in Chicago, IL, so I grew up hearing her talk about fit and design and watching her make stunning garments out of pieces of fabric. My mother taught me that feel of the fabric was as important as the look. As a plus size woman, I try to select styles and colors that are flattering and comfortable in all sizes (and ages) of women. I try to create garments that would make Mom and Gran proud.

As a music educator and performer, a cook who loves to invent new recipes, it seemed that becoming creative in sewing should be the next fun thing to do. So it follows that this innovation with fabric takes the threads of my life and weaves them together into gifts for others. For more about Becky visit MusicOfOz.com

Becky Osborn

Becky Osborn, Product Designer

At Rubato Fashion, each piece has been created to reflect your life.

From boots to stilettos, these fashions will become your “go to” favorites.

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