The Art

of the Garment


At Rubato Fashion, our Product Designer begins the process by cutting out your order with your selected style, size and fabric choice.


Our Art Director begins to paint the completed custom garment per your direction or takes her own artistic journey creating something original just for you.

Final Process

Attention has been taken with your garment to prepare a quality piece that will be easy to wear and maintain. The quality paints and application process will ensure long-lasting colors and durability. The final process includes a quality check, labeling and careful packaging for shipping or delivery.

It is our hope that you wear your custom-made fashion with confidence. These are easy to wear pieces that can take you from work to play and beyond.

Design Examples

Each garment has a unique design that sets it apart. This design is created by Lee Bauman, the Rubato Fashion art director. Below are detailed examples of her work.

Rubato . . .

a musical term dealing with the shaping of music which indicates that the performer may take expressive and rhythmic freedom.

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